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Senate Honors Nurses, Hospitals, Nursing Homes

May 13, 2014
HARRISBURG- The state Senate paused this week to honor Pennsylvania's nurses, as well as two institutions where they work. The three resolutions honoring associated fields in medicine all won unanimous approval from the state Senate. Those Resolutions were:

Senate Resolution 374, Nurses' Week - Pennsylvania has over 212,000 registered nurses including 55,000 licensed practical nurses and 12,000 advanced practice registered nurses. Pennsylvania nurses provide a crucial role in the delivery of our health care system.  The Pennsylvania State Nurse Association was established in 1903 and includes 31 organizational affiliates. It is the largest professional nursing association in the Commonwealth.

Senate Resolution 384, Hospital Week - Hospitals provide an integral role in delivering health care service to all people of the Commonwealth. Hospitals provide many services to their communities and are a key element in Pennsylvaniaís economy.   Whether itís acute inpatient care, outpatient, emergency, rehabilitation, psychiatric care, and more, our hospitals in Pennsylvania serve a vital mission.

Senate Resolution 385, Nursing Home Week - This resolution recognizes and celebrates those Pennsylvanians who both give care and receive care in our nursing homes. We are committed to improving the programs that assist our seniors as well as those with disabilities. The theme of this yearís National Nursing Home Week is "Living in the Aloha Spirit." The Aloha Spirit includes attributes such as patience, kindness, respect, and compassion. 

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