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Sinking Man Hole

May 20, 2014- Jessica Illuzzi
SANDY TOWNSHIP- Have you noticed the sunken in man hole on Dixon Avenue in DuBois? Repairs should begin Wednesday. This will be a PennDOT and Sandy township project.
Township manager Dave Monella said, “ This is an area that has settled before in the past. There is a township manhole there and we are not quite sure what is happening there.” The sewer is ok. The main sewer lines are fine but the road around the manhole is giving way.”  

 “On Wednesday PennDot will be in there with equipment and man power. They will be digging that up. And we are going to assisting them with getting some Flowable Fill,” he said. “They are going to back fill that with better drainage materials and then we are going to fill the whole thing up with Flowable Fill. We are going to encase our line with concrete and then fill it up to the road level with concrete.”

Crews are finishing the drainage work on Mountain Run Road and will be ready to pave soon. Paving projects should begin in the next month including the completion of the Denton avenue project.

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