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Radar Guns for Brookville Police

May 21, 2014- John Pozza
BROOKVILLE- Brookville Council last night passed a resolution supporting a state bill that would allow municipal police to use radar for speed enforcement. Currently state troopers are the only police officers in Pennsylvania permitted to use radar. The bill to change that has already passed in the House and is now awaiting a similar vote in the Senate before the governor signs it into law. 
While awaiting the bill's outcome, Police Chief Jason Brown and his department is not only participating in a statewide campaign against aggressive driving, but Brown is also asking residents for ideas on a planned National Night Out on August 5. National Night Out encourages business and residents to leave their lights on through the night as a united front in fighting neighborhood crime.

In other business, council approved putting the Hastings Street paving project out to bid. The project has been somewhat complicated due to ongoing drainage problems.

Code enforcement officer Emerson Turnbull also reminded residents of the borough's ordinance on open burning. He advised that burning must be conducted at least 25 feet from the nearest building and 10 feet from any property line. It can be done any day, but is limited to one time a week between the hours of 9 am and noon. In addition, opening burning must always be attended and supervised by an adult until the fire is extinguished and cold. Fires shall not be permitted to smolder.

And swimming at the Dr. Walter Dick Park is tentatively set to open for the season this coming Saturday. The opening is pending the removal of a large tree branch above the dam and satisfactory lab results on the dam's water quality.

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