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Hummingbird Speedway Race Report 7-5
July 5, 2014- Randy Albert
FALLS CREEK- The US Army invaded Hummingbird Speedway on Saturday night when Staff Sergeant Kevin Dugan brought the Humvee “pace car” to the speedway to celebrate the birth of our nation. Hummingbird salutes and supports our troops and their efforts to keep our nation free allowing us to enjoy the sport of racing with our families every Saturday night. Special thanks to Sergeant Dugan for being part of the Hummingbird team. Also special thanks to Paige and Gary Salada and family for sponsoring tonight’s trophies in memory of Jack Salada

The Micro Sprints also invaded the speedway for the holiday weekend with extra laps, $1,000.00 to win and the appearance of the 600 micro sprints. Steve Dunmire from Kittanning took the honors and the cash in the Sunny 106.5 270 Micro Sprint division. Eric Moore from Frenchville was successful in the BWP Bats Steel Block Late Model class. The 600 Micro Sprints made their first appearance at the track and leading the charge was A J Bast from Houtzdale. Paul Kot from Brockway led the race green flag to checker in the Street Stock division. The Pure Stock winner was Dave Kohler out of Rockton in another flag to flag effort and closing out the evening, John Campisano from Punxsutawney continued his success building on a Friday night win elsewhere by winning the Front Wheel Drive class.

The Sunny 106.5, 270 Micro Sprints were ready to rumble for the $1000 to win shootout with Robert Robertson from Delmont and D J Furney out of Canton Ohio leading the charge. Robertson was out to the early lead but the drivers were focused on the prize and not the task of driving to get the prize as a number of early cautions regrouped the competitors. After the drivers settled down Robertson still held the lead followed closely by Furney. Brian Marriott from Harrisburg and Sean McAndrew out of Apollo brought up the third and fourth positions waiting for an opening. Furney took a number of “looks” down low but then moved to the high groove to run side by side with Robertson eventually making the pass for the lead. Robertson clipped a tire in turn two drawing the caution and ending his bid for the cash. Furney had a good run going but Marriott moved under him into the lead.   Steve Dunmire out of Kittanning was the man on the move coming into the picture from back in the pack passing McAndrew for the third spot and applying pressure to Marriott and Furney. As the cars began to string out Marriott appeared to have it covered. They began to encounter lap traffic and Marriott tried to duck low under a slower car going into turn one. Marriott clipped the slower cars sending him sideways and bringing out the caution. This put Steve Dunmire from Kittanning in the “catbird seat” for the restart. He took advantage of the opportunity as McAndrew had his mirror full of Jason Houtz from Mifflintown and Ryan McAndrew from Apollo as the white flag flew. Dunmire held on to take the win followed by Sean McAndrew, Houtz, Ryan McAndrew and Brandon Hawkins from Lower Burrell.

Heat race winners included Robert Robertson, Brian Marriott, Dave Hawkins, and Sean McAndrew.

A special “Dash for Cash” was held for the division and the winner was Robert Robertson.

The BWP Bats Steel Block Late Models lined up behind Bruce Raybuck from Falls Creek and Dan Stormer out of Corsica for their feature race. Dave Buchannan from Cherry Tree shot to the lead on the start and after a caution restart had his hands full with Bob McMillen out of St Marys who made the pass on the bottom. Eric Moore from Frenchville was the next in line to move under Buchannan and wasted no time in pulling up on the back bumper of McMillen. Last week’s winner, Chris Farrell out of Clearfield moved into contention taking the fourth spot in the first half of the race. Moore changed his line from the bottom to the top and it proved to be a good decision as he glided around McMillen into the lead. Farrell was still on the bottom nudging under Buchannan with each lap trying to take the third position. Cautions plagued this division also just as Farrell began to work on McMillen with Tim Krape from Bellefonte pulling up on the back bumper of Farrell. Moore maintained control through the cautions and Farrell had actually passed McMillen but had to drop back on a caution restart. Krape passed Farrell on the following laps only to lose the position to him after another restart. Krape didn’t give up easily pulling up under Farrell on the back bumper of McMillen blocking the bottom lane that Farrell was trying to use to get by McMillen. This forced Farrell to the outside coming into turn three making it three wide into four. The move to the outside proved to be a good or lucky one as Farrell used the momentum to squeeze between McMillen and the front stretch fence to move into second. Krape managed to get under McMillen at the same location to take third. Track and tires were both giving up the fight as Farrell managed to pull up on the left rear quarter of Moore but couldn’t make anything more happen. Eric Moore knows how to get to the front and stay there and while Chris Farrell is always up to the task Moore’s machine and smooth driving had the advantage when it counted.

BWP Bats Steel Block Late Model heat races were won by Jerry Redden, Tim Krape, and Eric Moore.

Paul Kot from Brockway and Dale Yeaney out of Brookville made up the front row for the wave of Bob Sullinger’s green flag. Kot took the early lead with Colton Gearhart from DuBois and Steve Arthurs from Falls Creek not far behind side by side for second. Gearhart gained the advantage setting his sights on Kot as Shawn Lindemuth also from Brookville pulled up on the back bumper of Arthurs. Kot continued to maintain his lead through a caution restart with Gearhart’s machine off the pace just enough to let Arthurs, Kyle Shannon from Brockway and Lindemuth all move under Gearhart to take positions. Gearhart eventually moved off the track with mechanical trouble. Kot stretched out his lead as Arthurs had to contend with Shannon who was challenging him for second eventually relinquishing the position. Kot had a 10 car length lead as the laps wound down making it a nice flag to flag win for the Brockway driver.

Street Stock heat race winners include Kyle Shannon and Steve Arthurs.

The 600 cc Micro Sprints were on hand as a special race in addition to the 270 teams. These cars have a unique sound not unlike an Indy or Formula One car but in a small compact sprint car frame. Nick Kachelkh from Sarver and Todd Reusser from Minerva Ohio headed up the division for their feature race. A J Bast from Houtzdale moved up into second early then settled in behind the leader Kachelkh waiting for the right time to make his move. Late in the race Bast tucked down low to make the pass then threaded his way through a few lap cars taking the lead. A late caution gave his competitors a shot but he was quick on the restart and moved back out to a comfortable lead for the closing of the race.

The lone heat race was won by Scott Scholl.   

The Pure Stocks were the next group bit by the caution bug but Dave Kohler from Rockton had the pole and maintained the advantage through a number of restarts to stay out front. The likes of Dustin Michuck from St Marys, Doug Surra out of Kersey, Dustin Challingsworth also from St Marys and Shawn Munoz from Punxsutawney made for a great show right behind the leader swapping places and trading paint with each lap. Kohler was having his best run of the season but not by much with Surra to his right and Challingsworth on his tail. Michuck was in the hunt right on the back bumper of Challingsworth. As Kohler maintained a whisker of a lead Challingsworth moved under Surra to take the second spot. The mishaps continued as Surra got loose in turn one pulling the caution and sending him to the rear. A few laps later Jim Challingsworth from St Marys got sideways with some help from Munoz who had to restart at the rear. Kohler held on strong despite Dustin Challingworth’s efforts looking low and high for a way around the leader. Michuck was not far behind but couldn’t mount a charge on either first or second spot. Kohler went on to take his first win of the season.   

Pure Stock heat race winners included Shawn Munoz and Dustin Michuck.

The Front Wheel Drive cars were led to the racing surface by Cory Reitz from Brockway and Frank Barrett from DuBois. Josh Frantz also from DuBois moved around John Campisano from Punxsutawney and Barrett by going low in turn three and four but Campisano dropped low in one and two retaking the position and shooting into second on the next lap. Frantz’s car slowed as Barrett and Steven Hill from Brookville were being pressured by Randy Albert from Morrisdale for the third and fourth spot. Dale Lindemuth from Falls Creek kept it interesting by moving up on the left door of Albert in turns one and two.   Up front Campisano crept up on the leader, Reitz, and worked to bottom to gain the advantage and the lead. Albert eventually threaded his way between Barrett and Hill attempting to make up lost ground to the leaders. Campisano held a comfortable five car length lead at the finish with Reitz in second followed by Albert, Lindemuth and Frank Barrett III rounding out the top five.

Josh Frantz, Steven Hill, and John Campisano were the winners of the heat races in the division.

Be sure to join us for some of the best short track racing in Central Pennsylvania at Hummingbird Speedway this Saturday night. Hummingbird Speedway provides a family friendly environment and competitive action for the racing enthusiast. Fan Appreciation Night is quickly approaching on July 26.

Steel Block Late Models, Street Stocks, Micro Sprints, Pure Stocks, and Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders will make up next week’s program.   Visit the speedway web site at www.hummingbirdspeedway.com for details on next week’s race, point standings, weekly photographs, and more.

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