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Lou Jordan
Midday/Evening Host
1pm - 7pm

Q & A with Lou
Growing up:  I grew up in Pittsburgh. Back in the day when it was  the City of Champions. The  Pirates won the World Series and the Steelers were Super Bowl Champs. I moved to Punxsy for my first radio job and now I live in DuBois.

Getting into radio:   It all started with our family vacations. I would make a cassette tape. I asked everyone what their favorite songs were.  I have 5 sisters and a brother, add my Dad and Mom I had a lot of songs to record. I would think of the goofiest things to say about everyone before I played their song. I thought it made our trip go faster but not everyone thought so.   

Career Highlight:  Working with Make A Wish and Big Brothers and Big Sisters

One person in history you would like to meet: Roberto Clemente….not only the greatest right fielder to ever play baseball but a true hero.

Three dinner guests: Nolan Ryan, John Stewart and Meg Ryan….I love Meg Ryan!

Favorite singer or group:   Favorite????? WOW that’s tuff. Jim Croce, song writer, singer and story teller.

Favorite movie:    Field of Dreams. I saw it at least 50 times and counting…..

Favorite T.V. Show:   WKRP in Cincinnatti 

Words to live by:  Life is 10% of what you make it and 90% on how you take it.

Favorite Food: Seriously…pick ONE??? My favorite FOOD is FOOD!!!!!

Beverage of choice:  Iced Tea

Hobbies:  Sports…..more of watching than playing. Listening  to all kind of music. Playing  Song Pop. I like to doodle and draw and once in awhile I’ll do some painting. 
Life Goal:  Being happy and always to trust in my Faith!

Greatest Fear:  certain rides at amusement parks …. enough said.

Charity of Choice:  Make-A-Wish and Big Brothers and Big Sisters

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