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Bob Baronick Receives Silver Ribbon Award
July 12, 2013
DUBOIS- The Silver Ribbon Award was given to Bob Baronick for everything he has done for the community over the years.The Silver Ribbon Award is given by The Greater DuBois Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development to a community member who gives their time and effort helping others and improving the community.
Nancy Micks from the Chamber Bob Baronik deserves this award for everything he has done.
His Award was presented by Claudia Jacobson the Chairperson for the Silver Ribbon Committee.She said the amount of people in attendance was enough to show how much Baronick deserved the award.
During her speech she named many of the ways he has touched the community including his time volunteering for the Fire Department, coaching little league and going the extra mile for customers at S&T Bank.
Bob Baronik was touched by the support and caring words he received. He said it is easy to help out in this community because of the people in it.
Matt Gobler and a Representative from Congressman Glenn Thompsonís office also spoke during the Award breakfast yesterday to say congratulations to an outstanding member of the community.
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