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Congressman Glenn Gt Thompson discusses education at DBC
August 16, 2013

DuBOIS- A roundtable meeting at DuBois Business College with Congressman Glenn GT Thompson and members of the community yesterday discussed education, unemployment and the connections between the two.

 Thompson asked for input about the current issues facing our education system and the current job market and unemployment problem. Some people at the roundtable meeting voiced their concerns about the current state of elementary and secondary education, what can be done to energize the younger generation to learn and work, and how despite high unemployment businesses have trouble hiring people due to a lack of trained workers.

Thompson said that the discussions about unemployment and education have to be at a local level as well as a larger level because every area is unique and need different things.

Thompson spoke passionately about the safety net programs like unemployment. He said they need to be workforce development programs that help move people toward their next job rather than just helping if they lose one.

A well-received idea of his was to create incentives for people who take training classes or go to school.

Representative Glenn GT Thompson spent time at the DuBois Business college with members of the community to discuss education, unemployment and the connections between the two.

GT said he wanted to get everyone's opinions about the education system so he can take the good and bad back to congress and work toward improvements.

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