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Cross Country team gets assistant coach

August 22, 2013
DuBOIS- The head of the DuBois Boys and Girls Cross Country Team Tom Shade asked the DuBois School Board for a second coach for the team, so there would be one for boys and one for the girls. He feels that having only one coach for over 30 students denies the athletes the opportunities that two coaches offer.
Most other sports are divided into a girls’ team and a boys’ team with one coach for each, at least. Some also have assistant coaches. Getting an assistant coach for The cross country team was an issue on the agenda but some of the council discussed if it would be better to have two separate head coaches for the team, or just hire an assistant coach and if they did hire an assistant coach would it cause problems with other teams without one. The council voted 6 to 2 to hire an assistant coach. One of the considerations was time because the season would be well underway by the next school board meeting.

Parents will now have to sign a confidentiality form as part of the back to school packet. Anyone who visits the school is asked to remember that what you see is confidential and it violates the students’ rights to privacy if you tell other people or post about what you see on Facebook.

Rulings in bullying cases say that the school district is not libel for incidents between students. The schools in the district will continue to have bullying prevention programs and take action when incidents are brought to their attention.

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