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Senate Democrats' Fall Legislative Priorities

August 26, 2013- Howard Ondick
HARRISBURG-  Although the state Senate isnít scheduled to return to Harrisburg for another month, Senate Democrats already have their legislative priorities set for the fall legislative session. They include two major pieces of unfinished business from the summer session which ended June 30th.

Senator Costa says the top priority is passing a comprehensive transportation funding bill that includes funding for road and bridge repairs, mass transit, and makes improvements to Pennsylvaniaís airports, railroads and ports.
Senator Costa says right behind transportation is passing legislation to use money from the Federal Affordable Care Act to expand the stateís Medicaid Program to some half-million residents who do not have health care insurance because their employer does not provide it or they cannot afford to pay for it on their own.
Senator Costa says approving both transportation and Medicaid will help create some 100,000 jobs statewide, including about 60,000 transportation-related jobs and 40,000 health care-related jobs.
The Democratic Leader in the Pennsylvania Senate says he hopes the governor learned from this summerís lack of accomplishments, that itís better to work with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle rather than trying to work around legislators. The Senate and the House of Representatives are scheduled to return to Harrisburg on September 23rd.
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