Havenít won any lottery tickets, yet?  Hereís your chance!

 Play 'Sing & Win' next week during the Morning Show February 10th-14th!  Joe Kilmer will play a part of a classic love song, he will then take caller #3, our contestant will have to dedicate the song to someone and sing the next verse.  If you are correct, you win 30 Pennsylvania lottery tickets! 
Play the new instant game from the Pennsylvania lottery, Be My Cupcake.  You could win one of the ten top prizes of $25,000.  Benefits older Pennsylvanians.  Must be 18 years or older to play.  Please play responsibly.
 Sponsored by:
  Mike's Bilo in Reynoldsville, Hoss's, The Gateway Cafe', & Martino's Bilo in Brockway

 Sunny 106Ö the station for fun!

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