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New Weight Restrictions Coming to 45 State Bridges
August 28, 2013
JEFFERSON COUNTY– Forty five state-owned bridges in Armstrong, Butler, Clarion, Indiana, and Jefferson Counties will be posted with new or lowered weight restrictions to slow the rate of deterioration of those bridges and ensure safety.

Those 45 structures are among the approximately 1,000 structurally deficient brides statewide that PennDOT Secretary Barry J. Schoch authorized for new or added weight restrictions.

The restrictions will also apply on 15 county and locally owned bridges in the District 10 area.

PennDOT is taking this step because legislative inaction on transportation funding left uncertain the department’s ability to repair or replace these bridges. The lower weight limits will help extend the service life of these deteriorating bridges.

The following is a list of state-owned bridges in the five-county region that will be posted in coming weeks, along with the new weight restrictions. The list includes combination loads, primary tractor trailers, which have higher weight limits because of the difference in how their weight is distributed.

Jefferson County

 Route 410 over Beaver Run, Henderson Township, 35 tons, or 40 tons combination loads

 Route 4005, Richardsville Road, over North Fork Creek, Warsaw Township, 32 tons, or 38 tons combination loads

PennDOT will begin posting bridges with weight limits as soon as Aug. 29. Notifications to school-bus operators, emergency-service providers and other local officials will begin today. Posting on local bridges will take place at a later date after PennDOT discusses these changes with local bridge owners.

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