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Corbett Makes Medicaid Demands
September 17, 2013
HARRISBURG- Governor Tom Corbett launched a three-day tour of the state yesterday, to lay out the conditions under which he would take additional Medicaid funding to expand program eligibility in Pennsylvania.

 Corbett will become the 10th Republican governor to support bringing federal Medicaid expansion dollars to their state to extend health insurance to hundreds of thousands of working poor. However, Corbett said the Medicaid proposal he's sending to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services comes with a lengthy list of demands.

Corbett is a critic of Medicaid and has tried to overturn President Barack Obama's signature health care law. He says Pennsylvania cannot afford to expand the current Medicaid program. Instead, he wants to pare back benefits for able-bodied adults who are already on Medicaid and use the expansion dollars to buy private insurance plans on the new health care exchanges.

 But it's not yet clear whether the Obama administration will agree to Corbett's conditions however Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa says democrats welcome the discussion.
    “Senate Democrats welcome the discussion about health-care access and affordability now that Governor Corbett has outlined his plan and vision for providing health insurance to 600,000 working Pennsylvanians.
    For more than a year, Senate Democrats have been focused on expanding options and providing help for those in need of affordable health care as soon as possible. We remain convinced that the best and most effective option is to enroll newly eligible individuals into Pennsylvania’s existing Medicaid program.
    Our plan, expanding the current Medicaid program, would allow 600,000 Pennsylvanians to have access to health insurance on January 1, save taxpayers $400 million annually and create more than 35,000 jobs. This is the cost-and-effectiveness standard by which the Corbett initiative will be measured.”
    The process has to move quickly. The administration needs to put the final details of its proposal together and submit that plan to the federal government. Many states will have expansion in place by January 1, 2014, including the surrounding states of Maryland, New York and New Jersey.”
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