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Hydrant flushing for Sandy 
September 17, 2013 
SANDY TOWNSHIP- Sandy Township will be shutting down the water service for one day in the west Sandy area after 9 am today. The shut down will effect Wilson Avenue, Reynoldsville Avenue, Denton Avenue, Hand Street and West Maloney Road. This shut down is due to the installation of a new waterline on Denton Avenue and service will be restored today as soon as possible. The shut down will not affect service to Wason Elementary School.
Hydrant flushing in Sandy Township will occur at the same time DuBois does theirs. DuBois will begin flushing on the September 22nd and Sandy Township will follow in the   areas adjacent to what DuBois does the same day or next day to get a thorough flush of the system.  Also during yesterday’s meeting it was announced that paving for clear run road should begin next week. There is significant patching needed which will take some time.

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