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Treasure Lake Borough Denied
September 23, 2013 
SANDY TOWNSHIP- Treasure lakes request to be separate from Sandy Township and become its own borough has been denied by Clearfield County President Judge Fredric J. Ammerman.

Treasure Lake residents pay property taxes to the township and a $860 per lot per year assessment to the POA for administrative, security, maintenance, amenity and other expenses. Since the roads in the development are considered private, the township cannot spend tax money to maintain, pave or plow them.

The township receives 40-50 % of its annual real estate and earned income taxes from Treasure Lake residents.

Ammerman detailed what state law requires to be considered in such a case. He said that any speculative benefit to the 2,000 residents of Treasure Lake would result in immediate and substantial harm to the more than 8,000 township residents who do not live in Treasure Lake.

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