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Rally for Public School Education Funding
September 24, 2013- Howard Ondick 

HARRISBURG- A Montgomery County lawmaker joined parents, taxpayers, and educators at a State Capitol rally Monday to call on legislators and the governor to adequately and fairly fund education in Pennsylvania.

Senator Daylin Leach of Montgomery County, a member of the Senate Education Committee,  participated in a rally held by parents, taxpayers, teachers, superintendents, and community activists to call on state legislators and the governor to fairly and adequately fund public school education.

Senator Leach says increased state funding during the previous Rendell Administration produced a series of positive academic achievements for students across the state but those gains are being completely reversed by the Corbett Administration. He pledged not to vote for any state budget that did not fairly and adequately fund public school education and he called on those participating in the rally to challenge their House and Senate members to do the same.

Parents and educators said recent budget cuts by the Corbett Administration have forced many school districts to increase class size, cut full day kindergarten, music programs, the arts, and many other educational programs.

Parents, school board members, taxpayers and educators all said that while transportation, Medicaid expansion and pension reform are important issues that must be dealt with by legislators, why isnít education funding also a top priority. They demanded that state lawmakers go back to work now on fairly and adequately funding education and not wait until a new state budget is adopted in June.

Senator Leach says everybody from teachers to parents to people without kids in school must get involved and push state lawmakers to deal with the school funding crisis.

One parent said that while the state sets aside money in the budget for workforce development, that program wonít work if students are not first provided with a quality public school education.

Those attending the rally included people from across Pennsylvania: from Clairton and the Wilmington area in western Pennsylvania to Upper Merion and Upper Darby in the southeastern part of the state as well as school districts in the central Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley.
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