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Transportation Funding Bill Rally Tuesday

September 26, 2013
Harrisburg- A coalition of business groups, labor, and government officials rallied at the State Capitol on Tuesday to strongly urge the House of Representatives to approve Senate Bill 1, a $2 ½ billion transportation funding bill that passed the Senate earlier this year.
The rally was organized by a coalition of business groups including the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce and the Pennsylvania Business Council, the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO and other labor organizations, and local government and community leaders from across the commonwealth.
The joint business/labor/government leaders said to be economically competitive and create jobs now and in the future, Pennsylvania needs a comprehensive transportation funding program that addresses all modes of transportation including highways, bridges, mass transit systems, ports, and airports.
They’re urging the House of Representatives to approve Senate Bill 1, which would increase transportation funding by $2 ½ billion over several years. They said Pennsylvania needs an adequate and long-term funding solution, not a short-term band-aid.
Senate Bill 1, which passed the Senate on a vote of 45-5 earlier this year, is stalled in the House of Representatives although the House Republican Leader recently said that he may try to get an up or down vote on the legislation in the near future.
Senators Wozniak, Fontana and Smith said in the meantime another highway construction season has been lost, Pennsylvania’s job picture and economy are suffering, and PennDOT is now placing new weight limit restrictions on some 1,000 deteriorating bridges across the state.
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