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Officials Oppose New Federal EPA Coal Regulations 
September 27, 2013 
HARRISBURG- At a State Capitol news conference this week, Senator Solobay was joined by several Senate and House members, local elected officials, and a representative of the Pennsylvania Coal Association to voice their opposition to new EPA standards recently released by the Obama Administration.
The new standards, which the lawmakers argued are not attainable, would impose stricter emissions regulations on coal-fired power plants.
FirstEnergy has already announced its intentions to close the Hatfield Ferry Power Station in Greene County and the Mitchell Power Station in Washington
County, citing the cost of complying with the new federal regulations.
The elected officials stated that Pennsylvania is the fourth largest coal producer in the country and there is enough coal in the commonwealth to power the entire United States for 250 years.
Senator Solobay lives in the largest coal-producing region in Pennsylvania and his senate district includes the largest underground mine operation in Pennsylvania. The Washington County Democrat says he’s frustrated by the new federal EPA standards which he says will have a negative impact on the coal industry in Pennsylvania and jeopardize many good-paying jobs in the coal industry. He says “safety, security, and reliability of the power grid is jeopardized by these regulations.”
Coal Caucus members plan to ask the state attorney general to join a Class Action lawsuit filed by at least a dozen other states in opposition to the new standards.
The bottom line is these elected officials believe the new federal standards could “kill the coal industry” in Pennsylvania and other states.
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