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Trooper Shot in Brockway
September 27, 2013
DuBOIS- A DuBois State Trooper was shot yesterday on Cemetery Hill in Brockway. Trooper Bradley Wilson and members of the Pennsylvania state police and Jefferson county drug task force were serving a warrant to a house on Cemetery hill road around 2:30 yesterday when shots were fired out of the house and struck Wilson in the neck and upper torso. Troopers and officers on the scene returned fire and got Wilson to safety.

District Attorney Jeff Berket said the actions of the officers were truly heroic and the response from all law enforcement in the area was inspiring.

I was amazed by the police response. You saw how many cars went by how many agencies went by. What an amazing thing to watch all of these people come together when one of their own has fallen. Knowing how trooper Wilson was extricated from the scene, by people who were in harms way was nothing less than heroic. I can hardly think about it without getting emotional, thinking about how they selflessly took care of trooper Wilson. Berket said.  

The shooter was 60 year old Kenneth Lees Sr. He was the only person in the house. State police surrounded the house and remained there for over 12 hours. They entered the house by force around 1 am. And found Lees dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

When the incident began they had put information out for Kenneth Lees Jrs car. Last night they located the car and Lees Jr ran from the police, first in the vehicle and then by foot. He was caught and is in custody.

One neighbor Judy Billock said that shots were fired back and forth between the house and police multiple times. She said there was more gun fire than she had ever heard before. She also said she did not know Lees wel,l but she had never thought of him as the type of person who would do this.

Police would not comment on what was in the house at this time because the investigation is still ongoing but they did originally go to the house looking for a drug lab.

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