We at Sunny 106 and Connect FM want to thank our local police.

We’ve set aside Tuesday, November 22nd to give thanks to our area police officers and departments. We will also be treating police officers from the City of DuBois, Sandy Township, Brockway, Reynoldsville and the Falls Creek State Police to pizza from Firehouse Pizzeria.


We hope you, too, will take the time that day, and every day, to show them how much you appreciate their service and sacrifice to our community.


Police Appreciation Day is brought to you by White Wave Foods, Johnson Motors, City of DuBois, Linda Weis State Farm, Carlson’s Auto Repair, Firehouse Pizzeria, Domtar, and LaRue’s Hillside.


2016 Police Chief Messages

    “The members of the City of DuBois Police Department are committed to service. 

             The officers and staff work to maintain a high quality of life in the City through community policing and fair and impartial enforcement of local ordinances and state laws. We make every effort to provide law enforcement services in a prompt, professional, and courteous manner. We strive to meet the highest ethical and professional standards. We pride ourselves on the quality of law enforcement services provided to the citizens and visitors of DuBois. 

               It is my belief, that maintaining strong communications between the police department and the community we serve is a key element in providing efficient and quality police services.” – LaRotonda City of DuBois Police Chief


     “The Sandy Township Police Department is dedicated to providing a safe and orderly environment in our community. We will continue to meet our goals of protecting life and property, improving the quality of life, and reducing crime and the fear of crime.

                      We continue to advance in the areas of training and obtaining state of the art technology and equipment that will afford us the opportunity to better serve you. We are proud of our tradition of excellence and continue our efforts to improve our police services.” – Routch Sandy Twp. Police Chief

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