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Brookville Council Approves Street Light Repairs

October 2, 2013- John Pozza
BROOKVILLE- Brookville Council last night approved making initial repairs to improve its downtown street lights. Initially, the borough will work to rewire the lights on Main Street. Council recently discovered that much of the downtown electrical system is substandard. When the existing street lights were installed several years ago they were wired with aluminum versus copper. This eventually led to regular outages, often leaving sections of the downtown completely in the dark.

Council also addressed another safety issue involving oversized trucks using the angled parking spaces on Main Street. The trucks often create site distance problems not only with vehicles backing out of adjacent spaces but with the rear of the trucks blocking oncoming traffic. The only remedy is to ask that the trucks be parked on the parallel spaces off Main Street.

Council accepted the resignation of Matt Hasselback as the borough's code enforcement officer. Hasselback recently came under fire for allegedly harassing a resident over code violations.

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