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DRMC listed as good in Consumer Reports Magazine Rating
October 12, 2013
DuBOIS – Hospitals under the Penn Highlands Healthcare™ umbrella were named in the September 2013 edition of Consumer Reports magazine.

As part of an ongoing effort to shed light on hospital quality, Consumer Reports compiled ratings for 2,463 hospitals nation-wide using data from 2009-11 as submitted to Medicare for patients 65 and older. It did not include Veterans Affairs hospitals and hospitals who report differently, such as Kaiser hospitals which is the largest managed care organization in the United States.

The magazine looked at the results of high volume hospitals for 27 types of surgeries, including, specifically, back surgery, hip and knee replacements and blocked arteries in the heart and neck.

In its feature “Choose the right hospital for surgery,” 111 Pennsylvania were rated. Of those, seven were listed as excellent, 12 as very good, 75 as good, 12 as fair and five as poor.

DuBois Regional Medical Center, an affiliate of Penn Highlands Healthcare™, was listed as very good. Clearfield Hospital and Elk Regional Health Center, both Penn Highlands affiliates, too, were listed as good. Brookville Hospital was not listed based on its size.

In its notes on its findings, Consumer Reports said that “Some hospitals do a much better job than others….rural hospitals actually did better, on average, than other hospitals.”

It also noted that the hospital surgery ratings are just one piece of a hospital’s performance, and that there are many factors that go into healthcare, but the magazine used what it thought was the best available.

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