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Wozniak: Grant Will Offset Cost of Traffic Sign Testing in Clearfield County
October 16, 2013
HARRISBURG– A Municipal Assistance Program (MAP) grant will ensure that traffic signs in five municipalities in Clearfield County comply with mandatory standards, said state Sen. John Wozniak (D-Johnstown).

The $10,100 grant will be awarded to Goshen Township in Clearfield County to purchase a retroreflectometer, a hand-held device used to measure the reflectivity of traffic signs. This equipment will help several municipalities comply with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices’ Sign Inventory Management System, a set of standards that all municipalities must meet by June 2014.

“This grant will benefit Goshen, Bradford, Girard, Graham and Boggs Townships,” Wozniak said. “In addition to the retroreflectometer, the municipalities will receive laptops and software to help manage and organize reflectiveness data in the field during testing.”

The MAP provides funding for a variety of local projects and encourages governments to work together.

“Our local governments are responsible for making traffic signs reflective enough to keep motorists and pedestrians safe on the streets, especially during night and inclement weather when it can be difficult to see,” said Wozniak. “I’m pleased this MAP grant will help offset the cost of this unique testing process.”

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