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Thompson Supports Measure to End Shut Down
October 17, 2013
Washington, D.C. – Last night the legislature voted to reopen the government, allow the U.S. Treasury to continue meeting the nation's credit obligations and continue spending reforms put in place by the Budget Control after 16 days.
The measure passed both the House, by a vote of 285-144, and the Senate, by a vote of 81-18.   This legislation prevents any potential for a default on the nation's debt, funds the government through January 15th at the fiscally responsible lower sequestration levels, includes Measures to prevent Obamacare fraud and abuse, puts furloughed workers back to work, and prevents any cost of living adjustment for Members of Congress. It also creates a bipartisan, bicameral budget conference committee where long term growth and spending are to be addressed.
President Barack Obama signed the legislation. U.S. Representative Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson, Pennsylvania’s 5th District, voted to support this legislation, H.R. 2775.
“I’ve been calling for the political brinksmanship to end and I’m encouraged there is a measure that could get to the President’s desk; Washington cannot continue to operate in perpetual crisis-mode,” stated Rep. Thompson.
"While this bill only provides a temporary extension to get us back to the negotiating table, I believe this measure was in the best interest of the country and puts us on track to address the larger budgetary issues, including the fundamental flaws of the President’s health care law.”
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