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Uncertain Future for PA Pastor Who Officiated Son's Same-Sex Wedding
Tom Joseph
SPRING CITY - He may be in his final weeks as a Methodist minister in Pennsylvania, but Rev. Frank Schaefer says he does not second-guess his decision to officiate his son's same-sex wedding in 2007.

Schaefer was suspended from his duties this week after being convicted of breaking church law.

He says regardless of the punishment, he sees what he did as a duty of his higher calling.

"We must stop harming the love of children of God," Schaefer stresses. "That is not what Christ asked us to do. He asked us to love and care for our neighbor. That's what I'm here to do."

Schaefer has been told to give up his credentials in 30 days if he can't follow the Methodist church's Book of Discipline, which labels homosexuality, as a practice, incompatible with Christian teaching.

Schaefer says he will not change his views and is taking his mission a step further.

"Now I feel I have to be an advocate, an outspoken advocate for all lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual people," he says.

Schaefer adds that if asked to perform more gay marriages, he will.
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