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Man terrorizes Women driving on 219
November 28, 2013- Jessica Illuzzi
PUNXSUTAWNEY- A man terrorized two young women driving on route 219 Monday. Punxsutawney State Police said 20 year old Gunther Lee Botzman from Grampian followed the women as they were driving on route 219 between Mahaffey and Fire Tower Road in bell Township Clearfield County.

The victims, 18 year old Rayanna Marie Kavelak from Clearfield and an unnamed 17 year old female from Mahaffey, said he was following them dangerously close and honking his horn to the point they were afraid that he might hit them.

 Botzman then passed them and stopped in the lane of travel in front of them forcing them to stop.   He exited his vehicle and took a baseball bat from his back seat and began hitting the victimís car breaking a headlight and damaging the front fender.

The women escaped by speeding away. Botzman was arrested by warrant and incarcerated in Clearfield County Jail on $10,000 bail. He is charged with Simple assault, reckless endangerment, harassment, criminal mischief and traffic offenses.  

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