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Rep. Watson Applauds Movement of House Child Protection Bills

December 6, 2013- Mike Davies
HARRISBURG-Lawmakers this week applauded the advancement of several pieces of legislation aimed at upgrading and enhancing child protection laws in Pennsylvania. The bills, initially developed by the House Children and Youth Committee and the House Judiciary Committee, followed recommendations put forth in a report issued late last year by the Task Force on Child Protection in reaction to the Sandusky investigation.

Children and Youth Committee Chairman Kathy Watson (R-Bucks) said she is particularly proud of the bipartisan effort put forth by House members to draft and move these bills on to the Senate in under a year.

(Watson cut :32) “All of this came as a result of the Jerry Sandusky indictment and investigation, and we realized that our child protection laws needed to be updated. So the House actually started work in January of 2013, and by June we had produced about two dozen bills. It’s bipartisan and it was done between the House Judiciary and then my committee House Children and Youth. We sent them over to the Senate and we are very pleased to see that they have worked on I guess about 10 that they will be sending back to us. So we think that what we’ve put together really will benefit children in Pennsylvania.” 

Final consideration of the package of child protection legislation is expected in the near future.

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