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Closer to Butting Out E-Cigs for Minors
December 9, 2013- Tom Joseph
HARRISBURG. - Electronic cigarettes would be added to the list of tobacco products banned for sale to minors in Pennsylvania, under a bill that has just cleared the state Senate Judiciary Committee.

According to Democratic State Senator Tim Solobay, the bill's sponsor, despite claims that e-cigarettes are a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, they are by no means suitable for kids under 18.

"It is the nicotine that is the product that is most hazardous to children, as well as anyone else," he said. "It is a substance that you can become addicted to."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that nearly 2 million kids in the U.S. tried e-cigarettes in 2012, raising concerns that prolonged use could hamper brain development and become a gateway to using regular cigarettes or other tobacco products.

Solobay charged that e-cigarette makers use slick marketing that many children find attractive.

"They're becoming addicted to something because they think of the fun side of the cigarette with the different flavors; they think it's smoking without smoking."

Next stop for the bill is the Senate Appropriations Committee. Solobay said he hopes to see the measure pass both chambers of the General Assembly by spring of next year.
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