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Township Manager and Supervisor Have Last Meeting

December 17, 2013
SANDY TOWNSHIP- Last night's Sandy Township supervisors meeting was the last for some. Township manager Dick Castonguay and Supervisor Brady LaBorde are retiring. LaBorde has been a supervisor for 12 years and Castonguay has been serving the township for 9 years.
LaBorde said,  I want to say thank you to all the staff and the board of supervisors. We have had a good board of supervisors in that we were very cooperative, we never got down and fought or had a real battle at any time. We differed at times but we were able to discuss it and work things out. I especially thank Dick for his expertise and knowledge of township government and the many things he has accomplished. Also our police department fire department, gals in the office, all the men on the road crew, everybody! You always miss someone. Ive enjoyed the 12 years that I am completing as a supervisor. I chose not to run for reelection so this will be my last meeting.
The Supervisors took turns thanking them both for their time and what they have done together for the township.
Looking back over the year, I know we have had some plus and minuses for the year. Im Glad to see Treasure Lake over and done with finally. Hate to see Dick and Brady both go because they both made Sandy Township a better place to live. I want to thank them both for what they have done for Sandy Township. I have appreciated working with you over the years. said Supervisor Dave Sylvis.
He also wanted to add his thanks to other people who help Sandy Township. He said, I want to thank all of our volunteers in the township, our fire department all our volunteers who volunteer time for Sandy Township, our employees. I know Ive made this statement many times but I think we have the best employees in the state of Pennsylvania. They make our job really easy as supervisors because right from the management the whole way down through we have an excellent group of employees. Thank them for all that they do to make the township a better place.
Jim Jeffers said, Id like to wish all the employees and the residents of the township a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I know two employees of the township that will be having a good new year.  I would like to congratulate Dick and Brady going into their retirement, so I know they will have a good new year. It has been a pleasure to work with both of you and I wish you the best.
The meeting ended with cake and treats to celebrate their retirement. 

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