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Clearfield Educates Residents About Hunting Profits

December 19, 2013
CLEARFIELD- Hunting brings money into the area. Did you know that? Many people do not which is why Clearfield County is one of 41 counties who joined a new coalition to educate people on the amount of money hunting brings into the county.

The organization Visit Clearfield County joined “Hunting Work$ for Pennsylvania,” a new coalition of businesses dedicated to educating the public about the economic engine that hunting is to communities across the commonwealth. The coalition now has 117 member organizations in 41 counties across Pennsylvania

According to a press release from Visit Clearfield County each year Pennsylvania hunters spend $173 million on trip related expenditures like hotels, restaurants and gas. they spend $564 million on hunting gear such as firearms, archery equipment, clothing, and camping supplies, sportsmen pay $121 million in state and local taxes as a result of hunting. Hunting supports 15,000 jobs in Pennsylvania, many of them in suburban and rural communities. Every year, people spend millions of dollars in their home towns preparing for hunting season. Then they spend millions more in the small towns near their hunting camps.

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