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Optimism Over Shell Chemicalís Land-Option Extension
January 2, 2014
HARRISBURG- Shell Chemical LP is interested in building an ethane cracker facility that would turn natural gas into chemical products such as plastics. Senator Solobay says with the Marcellus Shale natural gas industry continuing to grow in Pennsylvania, it makes sense for Shell to locate its plant in the heart of the Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale deposit.

Shell also announced that beginning early next year it will begin demolishing select building at the site and itís looking at purchasing other properties in the area.

Senator Solobay says while everybody would breathe a lot easier if Shell Chemical would make a positive announcement soon that it will build the cracker facility in western Pennsylvania, he says the company said up front that it would be a multi-year process before a final determination of if and where the plant would be located.

A spokesperson for Shell said last week that this would be the last request for a land-option extension but would not say how long this extension is good for. Previous extensions were granted for six months.

Senator Solobay is optimistic that the multi-billion dollar petrochemical plant will be built in western Pennsylvania and that it will result in thousands of new jobs, both in construction of the plant and in its operation. He also says the plant would draw further investment in the region and provide a shot-in-the-arm for economic development for western Pennsylvania.

Shellís previous land-option agreement was set to expire December 31st.

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