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Falls Creek Burglar Caught

January 6, 2014- Jessica Illuzzi
FALLS CREEK- State police have identified a suspect in their investigation into the string of burglaries in Falls Creek Friday. The suspect, 19 year old Brianna Boboige of Falls Creek has been arrested. Police say there were 5 victims of her burglary spree.

DuBois based state police say Boboige first attempted to break into the home of 46 year old Joseph Alvetro. She then moved on to the residence of 62 year old, William Briggs, entered his garage and stole a red 2006 Chevrolet truck. She drove the truck to Smithtown Community Church where the truck got stuck. Boboige smashed a glass door and entered the church damaging numerous items.

When Boboige left the church and entered another house on the same street belonging to 56 year old, Donald Liedl, she was seen by both father and son in the house. She forcibly gained entrance to the final house and was caught by 83 year old Marian Hickman and escorted out of the house.

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