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Township Salt Supplies Running Low

February 18, 2014- Jessica Illuzzi
SANDY TOWNSHIP- As the snow keeps falling a concern in Sandy Township is low road salt supplies and lack of new deliveries.

Manager Dave Monella says they have been waiting weeks for their last order and supplies are running low but they do have plenty of anti-skid.Ē We are having problems receiving our salt orders, due to salt companies having a hard time restocking state wide. We have an order out right now that hasnít been filled. Itís been approximately 3 weeks, since we had any orders filled. With no timeline of when we will receive it.Ē Monella said.

He said they do have plenty of anti-skid and will continue to use that if needed. He said the road crews are working hard to keep the roads clear.

Sandy Township is buying property for $200,000. Sandy township chairman Jim Jeffers said their purchase on Oklahoma Salem Road in Sandy Township could be used as a municipal building to give the public works and police department more room in the current building.

He also said they have been looking for a place for a long time and have looked at other properties when they were for sale but this is the best choice.

Jeffers said, ďThe Township has been looking for property close by to expand our operations and be used for the Township. There were several properties considered. It isnít a surprise to the supervisors, like I said, we have been looking for some time.ď

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