Brad Divins
GROWING UP: I was born in DuBois and have lived here all of my life in my family of 4. After high school I moved away and attended the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown where I majored in communications with a related area of media communication.
GETTING INTO RADIO: It started as a love for sports broadcasting. I would listen to Lanny Frattare, Bill Hillgrove, and my personal favorite Mike Lange growing up and they hooked me. Once I got to college I became a sports broadcaster for the UPJ basketball teams through our radio club. The more I looked into the radio club, the more interested in radio I became.
CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Since I am just beginning I can’t think of many highlights, so I’ll have to say getting hired here at Sunny 106.
FUNNY RADIO STORY: I haven’t done anything too embarrassing yet, but I’m sure something embarrassing or funny is soon to come.
THREE DINNER GUESTS: Phil Kessel, Barack Obama, Mario Lemieux
FAVORITE SINGER OR GROUP: I might catch some flack for this but… Kanye West
FAVORITE TV SHOWS: The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, but after those two it is mostly sports.
WORDS TO LIVE BY: “If you have an opportunity to accomplish something that will make things better for someone coming behind you, and you don't do that, you are wasting your time on this earth.”
FAVORITE FOOD: Any type of Mexican food
BEVERAGE OF CHOICE: Water and gatorade
HOBBIES: I have way too many hobbies so I will list my few favorite. I love to mountain bike, I host a podcast, I do video editing for fun, and I play way too many video games.
LIFE GOAL: Be able to provide for and give back to those who have helped me.
CHARITY OF CHOICE: Doctors without Borders or Make-A-Wish
SOMETHING THAT WOULD SURPRISE SUNNY 106 FANS: Hockey is my favorite sport, and I have been playing hockey for nearly 10 years.
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