Sunny 106 Secret Sound

During the Sunny 106 Lunch Hour weekdays, we'll announce when it's time to play Secret Sound! John Allen will play the every day sound and then the first caller to call in with a correct guess idenitfying the sound wins $15 of PA Lottery Tickets. Good luck!

Call 814-372-1065 weekdays when we announce its time to play.
For general contest rules, click here.
Contest begins Monday, February 5th; and ends Friday, March 30th, 2018.

How to play: Be the correct-number caller when the DJ invites contestants.

How winner is determined: The contestant chosen will hear a short sound. When the sound stops, the contestent must attempt to identify the sound. If the guess is correct, he/she wins $15 in PA Lottery tickets. If the guess is incorrect, he/she lose. Contestants may only play once per contest run. General contest rules apply.

*Note - Player will only be active during live games