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Microsoft Scam Reaches the Area
March 14, 2014- Jessica Illuzzi
CAMERON COUNTY- Do you use Microsoft? Well Microsoft will never call you to fix your computer using remote access. But there have been reports of people calling pretending to be from Microsoft and asking the victim to help them gain access to the computer so they can fix a problem. Instead they take all personal information stored on the computer, like credit card numbers, social security numbers and account passwords.

Several individuals have reported calls like this in Cameron County and the surrounding counties. Microsoft told Emporium State Police they do not repair computer problems remotely. Microsoft also said that providing these individuals any information, to gain access to the computer, can result in the user being denied access to the computer and costing more money to have a technician repair the computer.

Be aware of who you provide any personal or financial information to especially over the phone.  


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