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Water Well Project Nearing Completion

March 24, 2014- Jessica Illuzzi
DuBOIS- The DuBois water well project will be completed this summer providing the city with a secondary water source. The wells will provide the community with an additional 1.5 million gallons of water per day.

City Manager Herm Suplizio said there may be a few months left before the project is complete. “Right now we are still in the middle or maybe toward the end of our water well project which is very big for a community our size, not just for the city of DuBois but for the whole community. Hopefully in about 6 months that will be up and running, and be online.”

Suplizio also said the water well project is important for numerous reasons including being a backup in case something happened to the reservoir.

“We have been working on of our reservoir for such a long period of time. If we would ever need to work on the dam or the reservoir itself, or god forbid if the reservoir ever was contaminated we now have that back up. We are using more and more water and hopefully the wells will pick up on that.”

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