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Justices Tackle Health Law Birth Control Coverage
March 25, 2014
WASHINGTON (AP) The Supreme Court is weighing whether corporations have religious rights that exempt them from part of the new health care law that requires coverage of birth control for employees at no extra charge.
A Pennsylvania company is involved in the case. Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp., of East Earl, is owned by the Hahns, a family of Mennonite Christians, and employs 950 people in making wood cabinets.

The case being argued at the court Tuesday involves such family-owned companies that provide health insurance to employees, but object to covering certain contraceptives that they say can work after conception, in violation of their religious beliefs.

The justices have never before held that profit-making businesses have religious rights. The Obama administration says a ruling for the businesses could undermine laws governing immunizations, Social Security taxes and minimum wages.

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