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Police Enforce School Zone Speed Limit

March 30, 2014
CLEARFIELD- The Clearfield Borough Police Department conducted School Zone enforcement activities Friday as part of a Special Aggressive Driving Funding Project.

Clearfield Borough Police Department was one of five area departments to receive additional aggressive driving funding in central Pennsylvania. Other departments included Spring Township, State College Borough and Patton Township in Centre; Pine Creek Township in Clinton County; Mifflin County Regional in Mifflin County.
Clearfield Borough’s special funding project focuses on school zone aggressive-driving enforcement through the current school year and into next school year.

Several of the enforcement details will include coordination with the Pennsylvania State Police.

Clearfield Borough’s school zone speed enforcement details are in addition to annual aggressive driving enforcement waves. The first of these waves kicked off on Monday. Statewide, more than 330 municipal police departments and state police will participate in this scheduled enforcement on 435 selected roadways through May 4.

The focus for this six-week enforcement wave will beon distracted driving, speeding and work zone safety.  Aggressive driving includes other unsafe driving behaviors such as driving too fast for conditions, tailgating, improper turning or passing and running red lights or stop signs.

Police will target motorists exhibiting aggressive-driving behaviors such as speeding, running red lights and tailgating. The enforcement is part of the Pennsylvania Aggressive Driving Enforcement and Education Project and is funded by part of PennDOT’s $2.5 million investment of federal funds from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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