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School Board Asked to Keep Electives

April 17, 2014- Jessica Illuzzi
DuBOIS- As the school board works on the budget, they must make difficult decisions on where to make cuts. At last nights DuBois School Board work session concerned parents, teachers and students spoke about what programs they believe are too valuable to lose. They asked the board to consider the real value of elective classes and extracurricular activities when making decisions.
English teacher Lauren Aughenbaugh asked the board not to take away classes like wood-shop, the highlight of many students day. She said over 200 students are currently signed up for next year’s classes and asked where they would go. “Study hall?” She also said elective classes teach skills that can be used in the real world where standardized testing doesn't matter.
Art Teacher Robin Craig asked the board to consider the value of the art programs. She said art teaches more than just one subject.
DAHS Senior Andrew Williams said students like him need that one period a day out of a traditional classroom setting.
Another major concern especially for parents is the closing of another elementary school. Parents of Luthersburg Elementary School students said they will do anything to keep the school their children love open. School Board President Patty Fish said there will not be any school closings in the 2014/ 2015 school year.
One parent said they would raise funds and even get a lawyer if necessary.
The budget is still changing and the school board encourages people to share their opinions as they continue to make changes. Assistant to the Superintendent Roger Collins thanked everyone for being so respectful when speaking especially during this difficult situation and said that everything will be figured out by working together.
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