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Over 100 New Jobs for Clearfield County
April 18, 2014
SANDY TOWNSHIP- A Colorado based company is bringing over 100 jobs to Clearfield County. White Wave Food Company decided to purchase the former International Custom Products building on Oklahoma Salem Road in Sandy Township.

The move by White Wave, which produces brand names Alpro, Earthbound Farm, Horizon and Silk, will create more than 100 new jobs at the former site.

The company received a $300,000 grant from the Pennsylvania First Program which facilitates investment and job creation. White Wave could begin production on Oklahoma Salem Road as early as this summer.

Representative Matt Gabler issued the following statement in reaction to the news:

“This is a great day for Clearfield County and Pennsylvania in general. I am told WhiteWave could begin production on Oklahoma Salem Road as early as this summer. I want to congratulate everyone from Sandy Township and Clearfield County who has worked to welcome this great opportunity to our community.

“Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate is at its lowest point in many years, and announcements like this are continued evidence of our economy moving in the right direction. News of this nature is becoming more frequent around the Commonwealth as nationally known companies invest in our state and our hard-working citizens.

“I look forward to meeting with officials from WhiteWave and formally welcoming them to our community.”

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