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Supervisors will not Burn Lee House

April 25, 2014 – Jim Grant
BROCKWAY- At their regular April meeting of the Snyder Township Supervisors, Chairman Fred Barefield reported that progress is being made in resolving the situation with the Lees’ property on Cemetery Hill which was found to contain a meth lab last September. Contrary to the original proposal, the house will not be burned to the ground by the fire company.

Amy Summers, the current owner, has received an offer from a local resident to purchase the property.

Once the title is cleared and the loan process completed, the real estate will be transferred to the new owner. He plans to tear the house down to the subfloor and then use the basement area for storage as he proceeds to build a new house nearby on the same property.

The Brockway Volunteer Fire Fighters will also miss the opportunity for fire training in the two houses directly behind the Brockway Area School Campus; however, they will be able to practice their skills in dealing with hazards encountered in a house where there actually is a fire. Fire Chief Jeff Fustine reported that there were 5 calls in the township over the past month bringing the total for this year to nineteen.

The supervisors faced a tough decision in their plans for road-paving this summer. They expect to open a loan through the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Bank (PIB) to cover the cost of the work. But government red tape will slow the process and they have decided to apply for a short-term loan from S & T Bank so they will have the money available to pay the contractor when they work is done. They will advertise an ordinance for this purpose, to be approved at the May meeting. The plan calls for the paving of Galusha Road, part of Longwell Road, and all of the roads in the Patch at Crenshaw. 

Bids were opened for 3,766 tons of superpave wearing course to be delivered into place at 9.5 mm thickness. The bid of New Enterprise Stone & Lime was accepted at $75.18 per ton or a total of $283,127.88. Bids were also opened for 20,000 gallons of MC70 Road Oil and 8,000 gallons of E3 emulsion. The bids of Suite Kote of Meadville were accepted for both at $3.14 per gallon for the MC70 and $1.86 per gallon for the E3. There was a lower bid but it was rejected by the township based on past experience with late deliveries and faulty equipment.

A township resident inquired about a recent news release concerning a meeting with Brockway Borough about a comprehensive plan for the area. Barefield explained that the original comprehensive plan was actually developed back in 1978 and needs to be updated. The process will continue for another year or so and anyone could join in the planning by pulling up an application from the township website at www.snydertwp.com .

A second question involved the obvious appearance of borough police cars parked at strategic locations around the township to watch for traffic violations. “No”, said Barefield, “The township does not have any arrangement with the borough to provide police protection, but the very presence of the police in the township is welcome. Any thing that develops has to be tied in with the PA State Police who have jurisdiction over the roads in the township.” In the case of a traffic violation within the borough, it is legal for borough police to follow the vehicle across the township line and initiate a traffic stop.

The township supervisors will also advertise a resolution to charge an official fee of $100.00 for the purpose of issuing future road bonds. There is an amount of paper work and advertising of these bonds, as well as routine inspection of the road by the roadmaster.

The next meeting of the Snyder Township Supervisors will be on Thursday, May 29, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. in the Township Building along Route 28 on the hill west of Brockway. 

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