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75th Annual Honors Convocation
April 28, 2014
DuBOIS - The 75th Annual Delta Mu Sigma Honors Convocation at Penn State DuBois recognized outstanding students, faculty, and staff members on Friday night in the campus' Hiller Auditorium. Awards at the Honors Convocation recognize students for a wide range of accomplishments, from academic excellence, to overcoming hardships to succeed. Members of the staff and faculty were celebrated for their commitment to supporting students and for their service to the campus and community.

"These awards are going to students who consistently go above and beyond the call of duty; the students who always push themselves beyond where they have been comfortable in the past; students who challenge themselves daily to do a better job, to put in that extra bit of effort," said Penn State DuBois Chancellor Melanie Hatch while offering a welcome to the audience.

"Tonight we acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of these Penn State DuBois students for their academic success and efforts within the community," said Delta Mu Sigma Chairman Adam Snyder. "The students who will receive these awards, scholarships, and certificates should be utterly proud of themselves, for going above and beyond, because they have made a difference on this campus, to make it a better place this year"

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Chancellor Melanie Hatch addresses the audience at the 75th Annual Honors Convocation. She is flanked by members of the Delta Mu Sigma board. From left are P.J Monella, Austin Sheibley, and Adam Snyder, with advisor Tony Vallone.

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