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  Sunny 106 and Connect FM are looking for local sports broadcasters for football, basketball, and baseball...Are you or someone you know interested? No experience needed! Training available! Contact Marissa Rigatti at 814-372-1065 or email her at MARISSA@SUNNY106.FM Priority Communications is an equal opportunity employer.

Birthdays, August 21st

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Happy Birthday!!! Christy Connor-40!!!-Love, Mom and RandyWendy Manners--Love, familyKrissa Lichvarcik-16-Love, Grandma and GrandpaEd Mazary--Love, family and friends Congrats to Krissa, winner of a gift certificate to the DooLittle Station.

Morning Trivia, August 21st

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 Which US city is nicknamed the Emerald City? Sarasota St. Louis Seattle Answer...: Seattle! Learn why here. Congrats to Katie Luthor of Brookville, winner of a free lunch buffet pass from Firehouse Pizzeria (drink not included, dine-in only.)

The Coach Tom Weaver Show, August 20th

LET'S GO ROVERS!!!!!  We are so excited for the new season of high school football! Listen below for a brief introduction to Brockway's new Head Coach, Tom Weaver, and a preview of this upcoming season!The Coach Tom Weaver Show is brought to you by #1 Brookville Chevy-Buick.   Listen this Friday night as the Rover's travel into Karns City for the Gremlins! Kickoff will be live on Sunny 106 and on the Sunny Sports Stream at 7pm!

The Birthday and Anniversary Club, August 20th

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Happy Anniversary!!! Shirely and Galon Conrad-58years!-Love, family and friends Happy Birthday!!! Jenna Dutry-34-Love, familyDaisy Clark-39-Love, family and friends Congrats to Shirey and Galon Conrad, winners of a gift certificate to the Depot at Doolittle's Station.

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Weekly Tarot Card Reading, August 20th

  This card may indicate a form of pregnancy, a necessary time of nurturing and development.We need to be open to her overflowing grace. She may also indicate a need to allow her nurturing grace to flow through us to others in the form of unconditional love and giving and spiritual healing. She tells us of the need for unconditional receiving, of making the best of what we are offered. She also reminds us that unbound love and grace is our, just waiting to be accepted.