Weekly Tarot Card Reading, August 20th

  This card may indicate a form of pregnancy, a necessary time of nurturing and development.We need to be open to her overflowing grace. She may also indicate a need to allow her nurturing grace to flow through us to others in the form of unconditional love and giving and spiritual healing. She tells us of the need for unconditional receiving, of making the best of what we are offered. She also reminds us that unbound love and grace is our, just waiting to be accepted.

Weekly Tarot Card Reading, August 13th

This week's reading has given us the card, Faff the Ffooter, This card speaks of being real, being grounded and being centered. It is not wise to do anything important or make any significant decisions until you have come back to Earth. Anything you attempt to do while feeling disconnected, probably will not work out, if it does work out then probably not in the way you intend or hope. Breathe. Ground. Center. Maintain or recover your sanity by staying grounded, Do this now. Important information is coming your way, but you can only receive it properly if your feet are... Read More.

Weekly Tarot Card Reading, August 6th

This week's reading has given us the card The Singer of Initiation. Which speaks of passage through trials and triumph. Breakthrough is on the horizon. Significant change and challenge are both occurring in our lives, with the potential of moving into a new realm, which involves a new way of being. This major change has been building for a long time, and the moment is now to meet this challenge. We may already be aware of the initiation process, but perhaps have only seen it as bad luck or fate. It is neither. It is an opportunity to see if we have deep down, truly... Read More.

Weekly Tarot Card Reading, July 30th

This week's reading involves the card, "The Rarr" . He speaks of wild energy and pure potential. Both within us and around us. It's very important to understand that we are responsible for how we utilize this energy. We have to be mindful that with great power, comes great responsibility. If not used properly this energy can cause chaos within us that could lead to anxiety, or built up frustrations. However, if we understand that we must release this energy towards building positivity in our lives, then things will progress and flow more easily. This energy can be used for good or bad, it depends on our conscious decision of how to utilize this energy. So be especially attentive to what you are doing... Read More.

Weekly Tarot Card Reading, July 23rd

This week's reading includes the card “Gawtcha” He is bringing the message to get ready for sudden break downs of existing structures, habits, patterns, and/or attitudes. When we become too tightly confined by our own self imposed limitations (including the desire for comfort and security). Gawtcha kindly breaks the structure restraining us, whether we think we want him to do this or not. On a soul level we know this is necessary, but in our everyday thoughts we usually get upset over it. However, breakdown can lead to break through. This is liberation- and we often haven't a clue what to do with it. This is usually a time... Read More.

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Weekly Tarot Card Reading, July 16th

This week's reading sees...   “The Master Maker” He is about utilizing your excellence in everything you do. Things you are doing now and what you will do in the future need to be done with 100% of your ability. Making sure you don't take short cuts or short change your work. This is not the time to do what you feel is only within your skill level. This is the time for your reach to exceed your grasp. Believe in yourself, your abilities, and your drive to work outside of preconceived skill levels. Keep pushing yourself and working in your most excellent manner and you will rise far beyond your dreams. Just make sure that what you are working so... Read More.

Weekly Tarot Card Reading, July 9th

 For the week of July 9th, 2018...  This week's reading involves G. Hobyah! He is all about facing your fears, confronting that which scares you or holds you back. By confronting them you will realize that they are only feeding into your self doubt. He speaks of imaginary fears, unreal hazards and realistic caution. It is time to look for the truth behind our fears, to distinguish between what is real and what is just out projection of old traumas and fears into our imaginary future. By delving into our old patterns, we can see past them to a more liberating life. Only by facing these fears honestly and seeing them, for what they are, do we gain greater ability to open our hearts to courage and... Read More.

Weekly Tarot Card Reading

    This week's reading involves Arval Parrot, The Friends and The Fee Lion.  This week may give you some hard truths to consider. What you're missing in your life, what you need and what you may want. Be truthful with yourself. Communicate your needs very clearly. If they involve other people, especially friends, watch your words. Make sure you use compassion, understanding and love, especially when discussing serious matters. You have a great support system, seek them out for counsel during this time.Now is all about planning what it is you really need and want to make yourself happy. Don't make any big moves this week, right now is a time of thought, ideas and strategies. But hold off on any big moves. Right now it's about getting things in order. Whatever you have in... Read More.

Raven Moon’s Weekly Tarot Card Reading

     This week's reading involves the card, Arval Parrot. He is the card of communication and controls the throat chakra.This is the time to be open and clear with yourself in what you want. Having an internal dialogue with yourself where you are truthful and clearly state what it is important to you. Emotionally, physically and spiritually.Also having clear communication with others is going to be very helpful. If you are working with others in any capacity, you need to listen to each other. Respect what each other is saying enough to give each other the time and focus, and truly listen and communicate with each other. Create a dialogue of respect and understanding. Even if you don't agree with each other, you still need to listen and focus on what each other is saying. Too many times we... Read More.

Weekly Tarot Card Reading – May 28th, 2018

Raven Moon's Weekly Tarot Card Readings In this morning's tarot card reading Raven pulled the cards: The Bright Mother and The Singer of Connection. The reading is all about self nurturing. If you tend to be the giver of nurturing to others, now may be the time to refocus some of that nurturing onto yourself and onto your interests and goals. Reclaim the focus, that is needed right now, back onto yourself. It's not selfish to nurture yourself, especially if you have been putting your own self care, needs and dreams on the back burner for everyone else. By doing this you reconnect with your true self and may even discover new connections within yourself and new connections being made with others, all centered around remembering YOU. Now is the time to embrace yourself with self care, self explore and refocus.