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Sunny Music!

Sunny’s Weekly Tarot Card Reading



Sunny 106’s Weekly Tarot Card Reading is brought to you by Raven Moon’s Oracle in DuBois, PA!

This week’s reading has given us two cards:

Ffaff the Ffooter and Solus.

Important information is coming, and it’s the information that you have been working so hard for. However, you have to remember that pounding the pavement and working hard to receive this important information is all well and good, but you then have to rest and give yourself some self care after your hard work. If you don’t allow yourself time to rest and recharge, you may possibly be too busy and distracted to receive the information you have so desperately been looking for.

This new information will actually have the high potential to then kick off a great new beginning that you have been wanting. This is a new beginning that you already have had ideas about and possibly laid a good foundation for. The new beginning will have the power of the sun behind it. A lot of motivation, if you allow it, is there and a lot of great potential. There is great success and victory on the horizon with this new beginning . Remember this new beginning is something you have been wanting, something you have been working towards and waiting for the right information to come in order to utilize it all at this time. Don’t waste it, don’t ignore it and be sure to nurture this new beginning like you would a new garden. It’s going to need a lot of care and nourishment in order for it to grow and thrive and bring you success. Don’t forget to give yourself the care and nourishment you need right now and as you work on your new beginning. Listen to everything that is presently going on around you. The information coming is going to help you thrive in this new beginning. But if you have blinders on and are too busy, hustling and busting, you will miss it.