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Weekly Tarot Card Reading, June 11th


This week’s reading has given us the cards Losgunna, the explorer, and Mikle a’Muckle, the internal child.

They remind us that self exploration is very important right now. Give yourself the time to go inward into what you haven’t yet explored about yourself. Enjoy that child like wonder and welcome a new adventure! Self exploration on an internal and an external level is muchly needed right now.

Make sure you don’t over-complicate what you are seeking or what you find. What you see is what you get! Enjoy all you discover with child like wonder.

Simplicity is key here.

Your internal child needs some nurturing, don’t focus so much on external responsibilities, instead feed your inner child. Go on an adventure, both internal (spiritual and emotional) and external. Explore things you may have never thought you would, or take a leap into something you have always wanted to do but held back for whatever reason.

Now is the time for exploration and self-discovery on all levels; and while you are doing that remember to let your inner child out and have some fun, maybe splash in a mud puddle or two!