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Lou Jordan
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Weekly Tarot Card Reading – May 21st, 2018


Raven Moon’s Weekly Tarot Card Readings

In this week’s tarot card reading from Raven Moon we received the card “Undressing of a Salad”. A kind of a silly name for a very deep card. Which reminds us that sometimes in the middle of chaos we do need to just laugh.

This week’s reading focuses on a juggling act. Keeping all the many balls of responsibility in the air; while also being pulled in multiple directions. Just keep calm, breath and carry on. You probably won’t have much control over the directions you’re being pulled in, but just allow it to happen.

Keep calm, keep focused with the task at hand, but don’t tense up or you’ll manage to drop all the balls.

This isn’t about controlling the directions you’re being pulled into, but it is about controlling your reaction to it.

Think of yourself as an old oak tree. With strong roots running deep into the ground. You are sturdy, unmovable and you stand tall. You have a good solid base. Your branches are strong, but when a wind blows, from any direction, the tree just sways, it doesn’t tense up, it doesn’t break, it just allows the winds to pass through its branches and sways back and forth. So you need to just sway at this time. You’ll stand tall, don’t stress, just move with what is happening.

Stay calm, trust the process and you just may manage to keep all your balls in the air.