Picking you up, waking you up, and getting you movin’ and groovin’ with the best variety of today’s hits and yesterday’s favorites, Marissa Rigatti is glad to be  here at Sunny 106! She keeps you up to date with the latest local news, sports, and weather forecasts with updates throughout your morning. This goofy, fun-loving gal has enough energy to wake up a bear mid hibernation and has been described as making coffee tired. She’s ready to wake you up with the perfect mix of entertainment and information.

Marissa originates from Indiana County, PA where she graduated from United High School ( Go Lions! ) and attended Clarion University of PA for a degree in Communications with a concentration in Radio Broadcasting. She started her broadcasting career in college with WCUC-FM and CU-TV where she split her time writing scripts, hosting, and producing shows for both organizations. Marissa also wrote exclusively for the college newspaper “The Clarion Call” as a music critic.

After Clarion, Marissa moved to Punxsutawney,PA to join the crew at Renda Radio where she served as an Afternoon Host/Morning Show Host and Assistant Program Director.

Marissa joined the Sunny family late in September 2015 and has been in love with the staff, crew, and sunny listeners ever since. Listen in to Marissa every weekday morning 6am-Noon and be sure to catch her at multiple live remote broadcasts throughout the listening area.

Marissa spends most of her time with her family, friends, and beloved dog Joy. She loves comedy nights and local concerts and events. Marissa is truly invested in our local community and can’t wait to become a part of your morning!

Q&A with Marissa

Growing up: I was the Lone Ranger!!! Though I have a great step sister Tara who is always there to lean on!!!

Getting into radio: I’ve always loved music, however I can’t carry a tune in a bucket! So, I decided I’d be involved in music anyway I could. Just so happens I’ve been blessed with the gift of gab.

Career highlight: So far…graduating college!

Funny radio story: A sales representative thought it be a great station promotion idea if I took a ride out in a B-25 bomber! I know! A military plane! Well, what they didn’t know was that I’d never rode in a plane before and I got sick…but don’t worry.  I kept my lunch down for the most part. Though after we landed I ran behind the station van to wash my mouth out with a sip of water when a pregnant woman came up behind me and said, “Oh, are you sick or pregnant?” What?!?!

One person I’d like to meet: Barbra Walters because she’s interviewed everyone!

Three dinner guests: Robin Williams, Melissa Mccarthy, my maternal grandmother (she died before I got the chance to really experience her.)

Favorite singer or group: I love all music! For real! Everything from Reba Mcentire, Cher, P!Nk, and Britney Spears. Hey, I’m a 90’s kid!

Favorite movie: “What Dreams May Come”

Words to live by: “I learned the real meaning of love. Love is absolute loyalty. People fade. Looks fade. But loyalty never fades. You can depend so much on certain people, you can set your watch by them. And that’s love. Even if it doesn’t seem very exciting.” – Sylvester Stallone

Favorite food: Gnocchi and my aunt Colleen’s sloppy joe’s…caution! Best not to serve them together!

Favorite TV show: All the great 90’s shows! From “Friends,” “Fraizer,” and “Will and Grace.” as for what’s on tv now… I’d have to say the CW’s “The 100” or any of the Arrowverse shows…especially “Supergirl.”

Beverage choice: Coffee… Any day. Any night!

Hobbies: I love attending concerts, comedy shows, and community entertainment events. Other than that, you can usually find me walking my dog.

Life goal: To NOT become the crazy cat lady!

Greatest fear: Disappointing family and friends

Charity of choice: Anything animal related

Something about me Sunny 106 listeners would find surprising: Growing up I had a terrible stuttering problem. So bad in fact I had speech therapy more than half the day! Just a normal conversation was the hardest thing.  Plus, not being able to communicate left me behind most of my classmates in elementary school since teachers felt it was a “distraction.” Thankfully I had a great family and team of speech therapists to help me overcome my stuttering. Now, the only problem is that I won’t shut up! LOL!