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Happy Birthday, January 30th

Happy Birthday!!!Maddox Checchio-6-Love, family Ruth Fillhart--Love, all your family and friends Kaylie Cutler-20-Love, family Congrats to Ruth, winner of a breakfast sandwich from The Bobette DIner!

Morning Trivia, December 30th

What 2009 alien-inspired movie was based on the moon, Pandora?District 9 Star Trek AvatarAnswer...Avatar!Congrats to Brad Joiner of Brookville, winner of a small eggnog shake from The Meadow's!

Morning Trivia, Sept 30th

59 years ago today in 1960, this cartoon classic premiered on ABC. The show followed the early adventures of Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty, and more. What show was it? The Jetsons Top Cat The Flintstones Answer...The Flintstones!Congrats to Heather Havrilesko of DuBois, winner of a... Read More.

Morning Trivia, August 30th

Where do you find the Sea of Tranquility? Near Ireland In the arctic On the moonAnswer... The Moon! Learn more here!Congrats to Holly Siple of Reynoldsville, winner of a medium sundae from The Meadow's!

Morning Trivia, July 30th

What natural disaster is measured on the Richter Scale? Tornados Floods EarthquakesAnswer...Earthquakes!Congrats to Jeremy Sawey of Reynoldsville, winner of a small shake from The Meadow's!