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Firemen’s Week Competition

Presented by City of DuBois

DuBois, PA – DuBois Fire Department held the Battle of the Barrel competition Tuesday night at the DuBois Area High School.

The winner’s were First Place – Friendship,  Second Place – Goodwill, Third Place – Volunteers, Fourth Place – J E DuBois  and Fifth Place – Fourth Ward. To continue Fireman’s week there are other events scheduled.

The Sinking of the Tub competition will be at Tannery Dam Wednesday. Thursday, at 6:30 p.m. the Standing Pump Competition will take place at the DuBois Area High School.

DuBois, PA – DuBois Fire Department held the Sinking of the Tub competition at the Tannery Dam.

First Place–Friendship

Second Place-Volunteers

Third Place–Fourth Ward

Fourth Place–Goodwill

Fifth Place– J E DuBois

Thursday at the DuBois Area High School at 6:30 pm they will  compete in the Standing Pump. This will conclude the Fireman’s week of  events.

DuBois, PA – DuBois Fire Department held the last of their competitions Thursday… The Standing Pump!

First place – Friendship.

Second place – Fourth Ward

Third place – Goodwill

Fourth place – Third Ward

Fifth place – Volunteers


The final standings from all three competitions are:

  1. Friendship – 15 points CITY CHAMPS
  2. Goodwill – 9 points

T3. Volunteers – 8 points

T3. Fourth Ward – 8 points

  1. JE DuBois – 5 points

Congratulations to ALL the Firefighters!